Dub Ratio

by R.Hz

Spiral 08:30
Gyre 07:24
Sparks 08:09
Dub Ratio 09:06


The flagship's command console was filled with a myriad of controls, buttons and sensors. It was time to get out of the cyberdemon lair. The incomprehensible digital ratios seemed a strange rebus, even for experienced intergalactic wanderers. The stormtrooper squad was already on the way, so all the modulations were done intuitively.

Suddenly, Cat felt something irresistible, not limited by the laws of physics. A surge of energy forced his body to move to the rhythm of the sound-pumping speakers. "Mechatronics!" said Spacelunch with a grin. He had guessed the existence of such engineering solutions. At the right moment, the once-tamed element helped launch the plasma engines. It was enough to rely on hearing.


released May 27, 2021

Written and produced by R.Hz
Remix by Marcibagoly
Mastering by Pheek
Artwork by Fold Media Collective
Write-up by atroqjournal
Catalog number: SL33


all rights reserved



spclnch The Hague, Netherlands

spclnch (read as “spacelunch”)

An individual and attentive approach allows you to get the best possible in terms of the relationship between the label and the artists. Thanks to a careful selection, each release takes on a meaningful plot and complements the others.

Contact: spclnch@gmail.com
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