by Federsen

Golden Rule 07:48


They didn't come here for nothing. Spacelunch was promising the merge with energy-informational thinking substances at the level of elementary particles. The crystal sound spread like ectoplasm along the walls of the reflecting vessel of the universe. Drama and the eager grin of adventure have slowed down, bowing its heads in submission to the convergence of musical exuberance. Meditation on the event horizon lit the torch of sharpened perception of all the amplitude shifts.

Dubby substrate absorbed every scrap of the all-pervading ether. This meant that the indefatigable pioneers had harnessed the elements, becoming the bearers of important, extracted knowledge. From now on, their bioresonators are as precisely tuned as possible to the condensation of acoustic waves, which, like a compass, will point the way to the probabilities that emit a powerful impulse. Space stalking and audio transcription are being taken to the new dimensions.


released February 4, 2021

Written and produced by Federsen
Remix by Altone
Mastering by Pheek
Artwork by Fold Media Collective
Write-up by A C O U S T I C S
Catalog number: SL28


all rights reserved



spclnch The Hague, Netherlands

spclnch (read as “spacelunch”)

An individual and attentive approach allows you to get the best possible in terms of the relationship between the label and the artists. Thanks to a careful selection, each release takes on a meaningful plot and complements the others.

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